Is this your dream?

You enter the office and you are welcomed by the smell of fresh coffee. While some nice music is playing in the background, the DevOps team is already focused on the work even this early in the day. The developer is brainstorming with the operations guy and the product owner is talking to the happy customer. A few members are monitoring the dashboards, looking for trends. How is the product performing? Are there any trends to be recognised that could cause problems for the customer?

You see that your team is proud. Proud of what they have built, but also proud because they have really made the customer happy. A DevOps team to be proud of: that is also our dream!

Do you need a DevOps Hero?

We assist small and large organisations with all kinds of DevOps related issues. Whether it involves perfecting the existing working method or a challenge in the field of automation: our S0L1D Heroes will help you out. And we do this in our own, successful way.

Our S0L1D Heroes are no fancy guys in a suit. We just come from the shop floor and we are down to earth. And actually that is what we prefer best. With our bottom-up approach we create support with the (future) DevOps team, in order to implement sustainable changes.

September 20, 2018 DevOps, the soft side

You probably already know what DevOps is or you have heard of it, otherwise you wouldn't be here now. What many people do not know, or do know but underestimate, is that DevOps also has a soft side. The soft side of DevOps is everything that has nothing to do with technology, automation, software and hardware. It is everything that is interpersonal.

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S0L1D tester is dead
March 8, 2018 The tester is dead, long live the tester

IT is rapidly developing itself. New tools, methods and techniques are rapidly coming towards us. In addition, the demands of users and consumers are also getting higher. The system or the software must always and in particular work properly. IT is becoming more and more a commodity. Just like water from the tap or electricity from the socket.

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S0L1D devops-heroes
February 16, 2018 From a rake structure to value chains: The post-DevOps world

If we look at traditional organisation these normally have a structure or organogram in the shape of a rake. They usually have a number of operational departments with a number of staff departments above them. A HRM department, account management, product management, marketing & communication, finance & control and ICT.

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S0L1D warning
February 12, 2018 DevOps according to S0L1D Heroes

Before we barge in by telling you what DevOps entails according to S0L1D Heroes, we take you back to the creation of DevOps and the name DevOps. Even most DevOps Engineers or DevOps coaches do not know the original story. But you will after this ;-)

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S0L1D Heroes
March 12, 2018 This is how you create the foundation for a High Performing team

High Performing team, this terms is appearing more and more often. The phenomenon has been around a lot longer because a High Performing team actually entails a team that is really effective. A team that is there for each other, through thick and thin. A team that is continuously improving itself.

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